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USB Safe!   (Version 1.1.5)

USB Safe offers complete USB Security as it comes with two different security methods: Lock and Encrypt. You can choose to encrypt your USB drives for the maximum protection. Data once protected with USB Safe will remain protected no matter in which "OS" you are plugging your USB drive into.

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USB Locker!   (Version 1.1.6)

USB Locker is a quickest Locking solution for your USB flash drives and/or all other external storage devices and drives. Protection against loss, theft and leak is fool-proof. You don't have to be worried about the security of the data you're travelling with anymore with USB Locker.

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SO Delete History!   (Version 1.0) Freeware!

SO Delete History improves your computer performance by deleting Browser Cache Files, History, Cookies, Address Bar History etc. and Windows Recent Documents History, Start Menu Run/Find History, Recycle Bin, Temporary Files Directory, Windows Media Player Recent File List etc.

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USB Safe
Version 1.1.5     Size 1.6mb
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USB Locker
Version 1.1.6     Size 115kb
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SO Delete History
Version 1.0     Size 2mb
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