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Delete History Features

Delete History of Internet tracks, history and other sensitive data

Completely removes all the internet history like website visited, downloads, chat sessions, logins details, complete search history, temporary internet files (cache), index.dat files, protect your home page from being modified, clean recently used files list and more. Protect your privacy and keep system clean.


Delete History Support commonly used web browser applications

Delete history gives support for cleaning Internet activities from all major internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla/Netscape, Mozilla Firefox , Operah and Microsoft Internet Explorer web browsers. Cleaning and deleting all the activities from these browsers is now at your single click.


Restores huge hard drive space and improves system performance

Your System performance can be highly improved and a much needed hard drive space can be restored once your PC has been cleaned with Delete History. By deleting all temporary internet files from browsers gives RAM a much more free space. Hence, it enhances the system speed as well.


Ultimate solution to remove all online and offline tracksá

Delete history removes all user browsing history, cookies, index.dat files, cache, auto complete search history logs, temporary internet files, recent keywords list in toolbars, recent document list, registry cache, cached thumbnails of viewed pictures and many other areas.


Delete Tracks created by Windowsá

Delete History removes history records, tracks and evidences of computer usage made in Windows. Nobody will be able to find out what you did on your PC. Like Windows temporary files, start menu Run history, Windows Search History and Recent documents etc. Sometime this history is very crucial to hide from others to maintain your private data secure. SO Delete history gives you all of it.


Delete Tracks in other applicationsá

Delete History will also delete tracks, evidences, garbage files in some other programs that you have installed on your PC. Like media player or real player play list records, Open/Save History, Office recent documents, some other application which leaves tracks which can be easily recoverable from any software is perfectly cleaned by SO Delete history.


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