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Learn how to Clean Windows & Browser History with SO Delete History?

SO Delete History How Tos:


How to Clean Browser History? How to Delete Browser History?


If you do want to protect your privacy, SO Delete history is the tool you need. It was designed to clear and delete the user browsing history, clean index.dat files, remove cookies, cache, logs, delete temporary internet files, auto complete search history and any other tracks that user leaves after using PC . To protect your privacy and keep your system clean! TheáSO Delete historyádetects and deletes traces of your computer and internet history that can otherwise compromise your privacy. This sensitive data is effectively removed from your computer permanently to the extent that potential thieves won't even know it was ever there.


The SO Delete history software helps users maintain privacy by deleting various tracks that are left behind from normal computer use. These traces include browser history, cache, temporary internet files, save password and many more.


SO Delete history is a competent privacy program that works well and is easy to use.


SO Delete history is the onlyáFREE browser cleaning softwareáthat wipes out history of major frequently used browsers i.e.


  • Internet explorer

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Google Chrome


SO Delete History is simple and easy to use software, it designed in such a way that every feature is in front of the user and straightforward to reached.


To Delete Browser history using SO Delete History following these steps:


  • Launch / Run So Delete History

  • Click 'Browser History' tab

  • Click on the browser to delete its history (i.e. IE , Firefox , Chrome)

  • When you click a browser tab, it will show all the related options for that browser.

  • Check the options and click 'Clean'.


Figure 1 (show Brwoser Tab with IE selected)


SO Delete History gives simple and quick cleaning feature to simplify the ease of use and shorten the clicks by given the 'Clean All' and 'Clean Now' buttons.


Figure 2 (Show button two button i.e. Clean Now and Clean All)


To delete all the windows and browsers history, any time click 'Clean All' button will delete all the option in windows and browser tab.


Similarly, 'Clean Now' button will delete all tabs selected option at once when you press 'Clean Now' button at any time.


These button in SO Delete History will enhance the ease of use for the user/customer to privacy protect their privacy and keep the system clean.


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