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Benefits of USB Locker

Why use USB Locker?


Carrying high volume of data with you when needed, that is valuable and helpful in making timely decisions about business that gives you the edge, is the thing to do in today's competitive world. But carrying all that valuable and confidential data with you inside portable devices like USB flash drives opens up the possibility of it getting hacked into or getting stolen altogether and misused.


By having sensitive and confidential data in large volumes with you on USB drives, it is of paramount importance that you try to secure your data that you are carrying with you on USB and other external storage devices. It is the first step in making sure your data stays with you and doesn't get leaked and misused.


USB Locker helps you in securing your data by password protecting your USB drive so that even if it gets stolen, your data stays secure and protected.


The comprehensive features and benefits of USB Locker that make it the best software for data protection in USB and other external drives are as follows.


  • Ease of use: USB Locker is very easy to use. No need of training on how to use it, it makes sure your data remains safe and secured.

  • Strong security against data leak: No more headaches about what potentially can happen to your data if your drive gets stolen. Your data remains yours even if the drive doesn't.

  • Multiple device protection: USB Locker allows you to secure your portable devices USB flash drives, external hard disks, memory cards and sticks, thumb drives, pen drives and jump drives by password protecting them all.

  • Cross-platform functionality: USB Locker keeps your data secure across platforms that include Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

  • User friendly interface: USB Locker has a user interface that makes it extremely easy to install, run and use to secure data and contains no typical jargons that only software developers can understand, unlike other softwares out there.

  • Small size: USB Locker is extremely small in size and only requires 150 kb of space which is almost nothing.

  • Reliable and independent: Patent pending techniques that provide several layers of security to your data means you don't need a PC or other hardware equipment to secure your data, USB Locker itself takes care of that all.

  • No admin rights required: USB Locker doesn't require admin rights, making it easier to use.

  • Affordable: USB Locker is cheap when compared to other solutions but at the same time very safe and reliable.


Extremely fast and easy implementation of protection of your data is what you get with USB Locker. All you need to do to secure your device is to simply run the application inside the portable device and click on 'Lock' in the application and that's it, your data is secured. No need of going through lengthy manuals to figure out what needs to be done to secure your data, no technical support required either. But we are excellent in providing technical support too, not that you'll needit anyway though.


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