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Learn how to Lock USB & other Portable Drives with USB Locker?

USB Locker How Tos:


How to Lock USB and Other Portable Drives with USB Locker?


The portability and handiness of portable storage devices poses a significant risk of identity theft or fraud if they are stolen, misplaced or lost somewhere. If you personal and private information is lost, stolen or misplaced, it can cause you a loss of time, efforts and money in the process of recovering the lost information or retrieving and recollecting the information misplaced.


With a fast portable and extremely convenient device locking program like USB Locker, the security of your thumb drives, memory sticks, pen drives, and flash drives is not a mystery anymore.


USB Locker addresses all your data security needs!


It keeps your data stored in your USB drives by locking them in a strong and protective locker, the access to which cannot be obtained without a password that only YOU know.


USB Locker is a light weight security application that locks USB drives with a data protection that is PC independent and does not require installation on PC and any administrator rights to run the program.


You can lock USB drive and all types of portable media including thumb drives, memory sticks, external drives, and memory cards by simple following the process given below:


  • Plug in your USB flash drive into your PC

  • Run USB Locker setup program to install USB Locker on your flash drive.

  • Once the program is installed, run the application.

  • Set and confirm the protective password for the USB Drive, Lock your USB Drive and VOILA!


Your data is now protected with a reliable and robust portable drive protection application that lets keeps your portable data safe and in secure hands.


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