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Learn how to Unlock your USB Drives with USB Locker?

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how to Unlock your USB Drives with USB Locker?


USB Devices, as at one place give you the convenience to move your stored data wherever you want, at another instance can also pose the same data to a myriad risk of lost, theft or misplacement if suitable protection is not deployed duly on your portable device.


While their small size and ease of use have brought convenience to users, it has also facilitated unauthorized or unsupervised user or to look into your drive and slip out your confidential information leaving little or no chance of discovery.


Lost or stolen external drives and USB drives can expose an individual, company or any institution to a substantial financial and reputation loss, which is why the need for a USB locking software waltz in.


USB Locker protects your USB drives and all other portable storage devices you use for storing your data. Protection against loss, theft and leak is fail-safe. Move about at your convenience and take your devices with you without worrying about losing your important files to unauthorized users.


Once, you have locked your data with USB Locker, unlocking the data to access it is an easy process and does not involve any complex step.


To unlock your USB drive, simply follow the following steps:


  • Plug in your USB drive in your PC or Laptop

  • Run USB Locker in it

  • Enter your protective password

  • Hit Unlock

  • As soon as you enter your correct password and hit unlock, your device gets unprotected for you to access your data. Once you complete your work in it, hit Lock and your device is protected again.


No lengthy manuals to read and no tech support required.


USB Locker protects your confidential data against theft, data leak or consequences arising from an accidental loss.


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