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How to Encrypt USB Drives with USB Safe?


USB flash drives are everywhere and they have become the excellent medium for file sharing, for transporting important files and documents back and forth, and even for backup. In contrast, the small size and ease of mobility of flash drives also have some disadvantages. Since USB drives are designed to be small in terms of size, they can easily be misplaced or in the worst case can get stolen. The situation can get even worst if they contain some sensitive data.


Theft or human error is so common and since the USB drives are very small in size, they are extremely easy to forget in the USB port where you use them last time or they can easily fall out of your pocket or bag without getting noticed because of their small size.


Under such circumstances, your best defense against data lost or data theft is to encrypt USB drive. USB Encryption Security is the best thing that you can do if you are really serious about your USB Security.


USB Safe is a USB Encryption software that lets you password protect USB drives and other portable storage devices. The program can easily lock and encrypt all your external drives with a password of your choice.


Encrypting your USB drives with USB Safe is extremely easy and a fast process. You do not have to wait for the hours to implement encryption on your USB drives, it simply takes few seconds.


Simply follow these steps to password protect USB drives, memory sticks, thumb drives, external drives, and memory cards.


  • Plug in your USB drive into your PC.

  • Download or Copy/Paste USB Safe on your USB drive.

  • Simply run the application from the USB Drive.

  • Now set and confirm a password. Make sure you choose a strong password that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.

  • Now, you can choose to encrypt and lock the whole USB drive or the selected items only. Once you are done with the selection, click 'Protect Drive' or 'Protect Selected'.


Now you can sit back and relax, your data is password protected with USB Safe encryption. USB Safe is a complete USB Security software that comes with two different security modules. The program can password protect all types of USB drives, flash drives, memory sticks, thumb drives, pen drives, jump drives, memory cards and external drives data; and you can choose to encrypt your devices for maximum protection, and alternatively can also lock them.


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